Creating multiple products in json not working


I’m using this json code to allow for multiple workbooks:

workbooks.json not working

Code used is valid as per:

Product 129 activates fine, but activating product 132 generates this error message:

132 error message

I can see that this user had the same problem back in 2022… and was able to fix it. But I can’t see how it was fixed:

The error is definitely in the json and not anywhere else, because when I have product 132 as the only product in the code, it activates fine. The problem arises when I try add more than one product to the code.

Help, please! :slight_smile:


It looks like you have more } than { after “products” in the JSON. Strange that works fine. You can also try to paste your JSON into recent AI chats and ask it to verify it, just in case of.

Hi @gdgsupport

In the end-to-end json as per my screenshot (rows 1 to 28), there are the same number of { and }. 8 of each, not including in the private key.

In reference to your last comment, there is a { before “products”. Is there a reason why this { should be ignored?

Other json AI checks tell me that my code is valid.

Do you have an example of how json code should be written (end-to-end) for multiple products? This would be very helpful please.

The XLS Padlock user guide only gives json examples for variations of a single product, not different standalone products. I couldn’t find a standalone products example.

Still stuck, sorry.


I suppose then that the JSON isn’t the problem but rather the URLs you entered into XLS Padlock for activation of the prodUct “132”. Can you please tell us them? (In a private message for privacy reasons)

Can we get an update on this thread? Was this resolved and what was the issue? I am receiving the same error message and have not been able to figure out the cause.


I actually resolved the issue just yesterday. The issue was with the sequence of the } brackets.

In short, it needed three } after the first product (with a comma after the third }), then five } after the second product. See pic.

Originally, I had it as four then four - which only allowed the first product to be activatable. Now both products are activatable.

Hope this helps.