Custom Fields Online Activation

Hi there,

I just bought the software and I’ve followed the user guide to install it and make it work with my website / woocommerce but I’m having a small issue.
Although the online activation and online validation both seem to work fine, the application doesn’t seem to create the custom fields (xlspadlock_activations and xlspadlock_blocked) in the product order. So I can’t control or manage the system IDs used by the customers to activate their orders (the absence of the Blocked field is less annoying because I can always block a customer by changing the order status to anything but completed and it will block him). Also I do have the message in the order page informing me that the workbook has been activated (so there is communication between the software and wordpress/woocommerce)

I’ve checked with my host provider who confirmed REST calls are activated and works on the server and I’ve also created the woocommerce API keys as indicated in the user guide (and edited the Json file and Config.ini as per guide too). Still, the custom fields are not created. What should I do?


Any ideas on that?


Chexk any error log (PHP error log and so on) to see if there is an error or not.
And are you using the latest WooCommerce Integration Kit? It was updated recently.