Customers overwriting save files and losing their database

Hi @gdgsupport,

I’ve had a few instances of people accidentally overriding a lot of data and losing all their excel database when opening the program.

When people open my application and click ‘Original Workbook’ (instead of clicking ‘Last Save’ like they’re supposed to) and then they select the.xlsc file name they are used to using, this actually overrides their file with all their progress and doesn’t even warn them. Is there a way we can hide the “Original Workbook” option somehow at some point or at least when they’re going to be dumb and almost override an important file with a new Original installed version for it to pop up a warning, like “Are you SURE you want to OVERRIDE this file with a blank original file and lose all your progress (you dingle-head)?” or some such message?

Please help! My boss was with his assistant and they just lost 8 hours of data entry that they now have to do over as well as all the work they need to do today. He may miss his flight home now. Please advise.

Also thanks for your wonderful software!

We could invert the two buttons: “Last save” would appear in first.
We also added the traditional “Overwrite” warning message box when you save on an existing save file. This will be made available in XLS Padlock 2.6 in addition to Online Validation and WooCommerce Activation Kit.

Hi @gdgsupport,

I like inverting those as well as your traditional “Overwrite” warning. Great ideas!!!

I just don’t want to get beaten up if people keep losing their data!

This sounds great, any idea when XLS Padlock 2.6 comes out?


Soon :wink: A matter of 2-3 weeks.

I use the free version of Drop Box with my XLS padlock application so that you can always access previous versions of files from the cloud. (It also helped when we got hit with Ransom Ware attack and could get data back unscathed.) Failing this I think the Excel may still autosave?

XLS Padlock disables the auto-save feature in compiled workbooks (otherwise users could retrieve the secure workbook from their temp folder)! So make sure to regularly save your work as secure save files…

Ok, thanks good to know. At least I have an auto-save built in a macro which saves if idle for 10 minutes.