Default page view

How can I set the default PDF page view to FULL PAGE.
At present I have to use the resize buttons on the bottom of the screen, to see the full page. Is there a way to make the PDF open in a full-page view (similar to Adobe properties / initial view).

This feature is not built-in, but there may be a solution. Please add this code to the UserMain script of your project (instructions here: Quickly Add HEScript Code)

procedure OnPDFDisplay(PDFPath: String);
PDFViewerCommand(45, 0);

Commands for zoom are:

Control Zooming:

COMPDF_Zoom100 = 41…! 100 % Zoom
COMPDF_ZoomIn = 42…! + 10%

COMPDF_ZoomOut = 44…! - 10%
COMPDF_ZoomFullWidth = 45…! Page Width
COMPDF_ZoomFullPage = 46…! Page Width
COMPDF_ZoomTwoPages = 47…! Toggle 2 Pages Display
COMPDF_ZoomThumbs = 48…! Thumbnail Preview

That worked, thanks.

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