Developer with HTMLEXE expertise - I need your help

Hello all,

I am searching for some help with a HTML Exe project. I am seeking to establish a working relationship with a person who has expertise in HTMLEXE and other complimentary web technologies (HTML, Javascript, CSS, XML).

I have an existing HTMLEXE project which I would like to add new features to, either by modifying the existing or through redesign or a new development - whichever suits.

The gentleman who helped with the initial design (which is now a few years old) has recently retired.

I’m happy to have a no-obligation discussion about the scope of the work. I’m also happy to arrange a skype/screenshare session to take you through the existing application.

Many thanks, James.


I develop interactive content in Articulate Storyline (high-performance HTML5 output) and Adobe muse among a range of other solutions and make them available to clients in HTMLEXE. Numerous samples of my work can be made available. If this suits your needs please leave your contact information so I can contact you. I couldn’t find a way to leave a private message in this forum.



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