Development still active?

Downloaded htmlexe a couple of days ago and my first impression is very favourable.
However, I’ve been checking the version history of htmlexe, and I’m slightly concerned about future development of the software: there hasn’t been any new releases since March 2013, minor or major. Why exactly is that?
It’s rather worrying, as the development of the program between 2011 and 2012 resulted in more than 10 upgrades, only 2 in 2013, and now more than 12 months without one. It’s a little worrying…

Sure, but the last version is really stable (except a few minor glitches).

We started building several prototypes for different platforms, that’s why development of the Windows version was slower the past year.

We will release a new major version of HTML Executable in some weeks.

That’s very good hear.
Thanks for your reply!