Difficulties splitting my first file

I am trying to Split a txt file but after trying always receives this message :

the log :
GSplit version 3.0.1
01/05/2018 13:19:37

File Information
Filename: C:\Users\JOSE\Desktop\plantilla html itf.01.05.2018.12.38.txt
Size: 179160 byte(s), 175,0 kb.
Destination path: C:\Users\JOSE\Documents
Selected Piece Type:
Blocked Pieces
Piece Size: 35840 byte(s), 35,0 kb.

Preparing thread process…
Launching thread…
Piece Number 1
Piece filename: C:\Users\JOSE\Documents\disk1.gsd
Working on SFU data…
Working on SFU resources…
The size of the piece file is too small (35840 byte(s)): please check your settings (how many free bytes should be left, blocked piece size…). If you enabled SFU functionality, be sure to also enable the “Do not take account of the SFU program size” option. Cannot continue.
Splitting process is going to abort.
Operation complete

Elapsed time: 3 min, 4 sec.
Result: NOT successful.
An error has occurred:
Splitting process aborted by user

Split profile saved as:
plantilla html itf.01.05.2018.12.38.txt.gsc

What can I do to Split a simple txt file ?

Best Regards

For such a small file, don’t use the SFU functionality. The log tells you what to do actually :wink: