Digital signature Issues

I’m trying to execute a workbook to EXE file with digital signature but it refuse to sign the file, every (somthing like) 10-20 attempts one succeeds, most of the failures is on the 32 bit version.

I want to create 20 USB sticks, and it takes me forever.

Thank you.

Try using SHA256 only. Also I have learned that it you don’t auto-sign it it will go better. In my case this has something to do with changes at Commodo (recently got a new name)… they sent me a Code signature that had something wrong with it. Eventually I found a person who knew what he was doing. He reissued the cert an its been fine since.

After making 20 USB sticks, I understand two things:

  1. if I use manual sign, it works every time
  2. I’m almost sure that the cause of this issue is that the XLS padlock is trying to sign the EXE a second before the EXE is actually done.

Please fix this issue.

thank you.

Which version of XLS Padlock are you using?

My version is 2019.0

Check the compilation log. All code signing issues will be listed there.

This is what I get:

[14/06/2019 17:32:01] SIGNING ERROR:
[14/06/2019 17:32:01] Signing Error - Code 0x80070020

Yes I find the same. Manual signing works ok.

0x80070020 means “The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.”

Be sure to close any Explorer window that displays the folder with the future EXE file, because this is generally the cause of that problem.