Directives - Templates Section - LicAg - SOLVED


I am conducting a test using the LicAg value (e.g. Directives | Templates). How does setting it once correctly update the license agreement contents in the non-default language(s)? When running the resulting executable, the default language’s license agreement has correct content. Is there an additional parameter to update the other languages’ license agreement in the Directives file?

To fully describe the situation, there are three unique languages for this Paquet Builder configuration. Each of them have the corresponding language specific license agreement, with a URL for the user to click for additional details. The URL changes for a given release and/or patch update created with Paquet Builder. Is there a better way to set the URL string contents and incorporate it for the Paquet Builder compiler? It is not preferred to include a new separate file to be used after extraction with a custom action (e.g. a dedicated .ini file containing the release level specific URL). It is preferred to set the URL and similar build time strings/variables, and then have the Paquet Builder compiler use them. The build process occurs on the Windows command line with nmake and a Paquet Builder directives file.

Thank you.

No there is no specific way to define templates for other languages but it’s a good suggestion and we’ll implement it in a future release.
In the next release, it will also be possible to define custom variables through directives, so that you can use these values with custom actions. In your case, it would be the URL and build time.

Thank you very much. I will be looking for the next release.

Hello G.D.G. Software,

I want to post that the August release is working well. The directives feature improvements are in production. Thank you very much.

Thank you for your follow-up!