Distribute a padlocked file for use on a client's network?

Your program offers us an interesting alternative to distributing content via web applications. We are currently evaluating how this might work using your trial version.

Is it possible to distribute a locked excel file (expiration date only - no hardware lock) that a client could post to their internal network so that it could be used/edited by various team members? For instance, if posted to their SharePoint site, could team member 1 open/edit/save the locked file which could then be similarly opened and subsequently edited by team member 2? Use amongst team members would be allowed until expiration. Is there a way that could work?

There seems to be a companion file (*.xplp) which is necessary to open. Could that file reside on a shared resource as well?

Thanks in advance!

A protected workbook can be modified and saved as an encrypted file, so your team members could share the encrypted file.
To open an encrypted file again, the application must be run again and you can choose which previous save to load. See: http://www.xlspadlock.com/save-options