Do not compress exe file with upx

what are the advantages of this setting, apart from making the exe smaller?

antivirus programs may report more false positive wirh upx?

nowadays a slightly larger exe is no longer a problem (fast download rates and large storage spaces)

protection against dissamblers?
does it slowdown start-up time with upx?

regards Frank

You’re correct: UPX was initially implemented to reduce the size of executable files, which was a feature requested by some of our clients. However, as you’ve pointed out, the modern context of faster download speeds and increased storage capacity has made this less of a priority.

In response to your question about antivirus programs, it’s true that UPX compression can sometimes trigger false positives. We’re aware of this rare issue and we’ve included an option to disable UPX compression in XLS Padlock. This can be found in the Advanced Options dialog box.

We are indeed considering changing the default settings to have UPX compression disabled, while allowing those who prefer to keep the compression, especially those who have a code signing certificate, to avoid false positives from antivirus software.

Thanks for your insights and we’ll continue to fine-tune our software to meet the evolving needs and preferences of our users.

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I no longer use upx. Kept failing when padlocking.