Have been using:

$filename3 = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].'/../somefile.php';

No longer working with latest release?

FYI: using version in exeout that support flash.

Hi @oldteacher , you may try to echo $filename3 and see the result if the output is what you are loocking for.

Yes, I understand I can echo the output. But the output has changed with the latest version. Instead of returning valid code, it is malformed.

You get something like ...Data/../somefile.php in the output. Outcome expected you go up one folder from Data folder into folder that contains software exe.

Thanks for reply.

That’s really strange because the $_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’] was not modified internally.
Can you try realpath?

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Yes, that does echo the correct path. I cannot seem to get “realpath” embedded in my brain as something to try. Thank you!

Now if I could get web security working as it should, could get some overdue software out:)

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