EFCreate Error in Module

Dear all,

I have compiled an excel file called DEMO2 and one of the clients had the message

Exception EFCreateError in module DEMO2.dll at 000A6B2C and another client this one Exception EFCreateError in module DEMO2uni.dl at 00000000000F342F

The message arrive after they activated with the provided key. They use Windows 10 and Excel 2016.

Can you please help me solve this ? Maybe I am not the only one facing this issue.

best regards

Try this and let me know what results you get.

  1. When compiling your excel file, is your xls(m) file linked to other workbooks or data sources?
  2. If using a install/setup program (like Paquet Builder) to bundle your compiled (.exe) excel workbook, are you adding any companion files, .dll’s, etc.?

Use the process of elimination.

Compile your excel workbook using XLS Padlock into the .exe file
Run the .exe file from your computer and if possible another local computer and, if using an activation key enter the key. Make sure your parameters are correct when generating a Application Master Key and activation keys. When using activation keys, each compiled workbook uses only the activation keys entered at compilation (Activation Keys" settings in XLS Padlock.

What results did you get? Did you get similar errors? If you receive similar errors and are not adding any companion or linked files to the compile excel workbook, I would begin testing the integrity of the .xls(m) workbook by first using excel’ s "repair a corrupted “workbook” option to test the workbook.

If you did not receive any errors and are packaging your protected workbook with a program like Paquet Builder, bundle the protected workbook (.exe) with the packaging software then run the setup/install program from your computer to see if any errors are obvious. If so, something in the packaging program may be trying to link to other programs/dll’s.

When compiling your xls(m) workbook using XLS Padlock make sure your excel versions are correct in the Application Setting of XLS Padlock. If using a local AV program, disable the AV program and try again.

And are your customers using any antivirus software? or Endpoint Protection and Cloud Sandbox solution?

The client has Bitdefedender. Apparently he manage to make it work. I think it was an issue related to Bitdefender.

Thank you for the answer. There are no companions files. I will buy the Paquet Builder to make a package. Apparently it was an issue related to the antivirus.

The exe was distributed to multiple clients. Only 2 reported this issue. The exe I tested it on 9 computers before delivering to the clients. I will come back with news.
Best regards

That’s possible that BitDefender blocked the creation of our temporary EXE file.