Embedded Flash File problem

Have created a document with embedded Flash files. The Flash files are loaded separately through hyperlinks on the home page. The files launch and operate correctly, but when I try to close the embedded Flash page or return to the home page, the following error message appears. What settings needs to be made in the document to operate without receiving this message:

JaveScript Error

Access denied

Clicking OK, brings the same error message up again. Clicking it a second time clears the messasge and returns to the document home page.

Access denied[/quote]
With the above Javascript error, your SWF files play fine? Normally, you may get the error when the flash files are not setup properly. The documention, hehelp.exe explains on the usage of using flash files. Normally, they are setup something like the code below.

  <script type="text/javascript" src="flash/jwplayer.js"></script>
   <script type="text/javascript">
         flashplayer: "flash/player.swf",
         file: "flash/fla193.flv",
         image: "flash/preview.jpg"

In this example, the flash file is in the flash directory and if you are using a different path, under the File Manger, select the fla193.flv and change the path from %path% to only flash, if you have included the “keep file external”. Also, “Under Content Filetypes”, try to change the setting to virtual file for FLV or SWF files.

If the SWF files are playing and you get the errors after you close the page, you need to verify your Javascript code.

Are you opening the SWF files from the links directly or the pages that have the SWF info, similar to the above? I would assume you would have issues if you call the SWF files directly from a link.

Post the code you are using to use the flash files.

Hope this helps.

FYI, this user has written by email that he solved the problem himself.