Embedding HTML5 video - version 4.8?

I see that HTMLexe does not support HTML5 video embedding.

GDG, how are you doing with version 4.8?

HTMLEXE 4.7 does not handle video in HTML5 on Windows 10 only.
This will work in HTMLEXE 4.8.

When will you release HTMLEXE 4.8?

It’s coming, we’re working on the documentation update and testing on several new machines.

Thank you!
And God bless you!

HTML Executable 4.8 is available

I have the new 4.8 but it seems there are more issues than video tagging as my executable files keep crashing before loading. I need to really upgrade to support windows 10

This is not related to video, isn’t it?

This involves 1. File compiled by 4.8 html executable crashing during loading process. 2. when I revert to previous version 4.7 , compiled file runs well, but when tested in windows 10 all runs well except where they need to play MP4 files within the compiled file.

According to the update status when introducing 4.8, apparently it is supposed to resolve this but it only got worse as it didn’t even pass successful compilation test.

Have you tried to keep the runtime module outside the EXE file? Crash during loading is generally due to our virtualization engine, which can sometimes interfere with third-party security software such as antivirus or system protection.