Error: corrupted DLL runtime module

I have an exe on a USB drive, which runs fine on my own Windows 10 computer at home.

However, on two Windows 7 computers at my university, I get the message: “The DLL runtime module is corrupted.” In the past I have successfully run my exe on these computers.

On one Windows 10 machine at my school, the exe hung the machine, but on another it ran successfully.

What to do?

Attempt number 1:
I downloaded the runtime module from the HTML Executable Repository, recompiled my ebook on my Windows 10 machine at home (I put it on a USB drive), tested it on a Windows 7 machine at my school, and got the same message: “The DLL runtime module is corrupted.”

Any ideas?

More to report about the error message: “The DLL runtime module is corrupted.”

  • I do not get this message on my Windows 10 machine at home.
  • At my school, where we have Windows 7 machines, I get this message on 3 out of 11 machines.
  • The complaining machines even complain for executables made months ago, which used to run on those very same machines.

I conclude that in the meantime, something happened to these machines (some new program or other) which is causing my executable to be unable to execute its runtime module. Can anybody explain or speculate more? Any suggestions for a fix?

(I have already removed and re-installed HTML Executable.)

Which version of HTMLEXE are you using? We recommend you to rebuild all EXE files you had with the latest version. The “The DLL runtime module is corrupted.” error means that the wrong runtime module is installed or the file has been deleted (while registry entries remain).
Last question: did you create a stand-alone EXE file or did you configure HTMLEXE to keep the runtime module outside the EXE file?

Hi Gdgsupport,

Version: I removed HTML Executable from my computer and re-installed, figuring that it would automatically give the right runtime module.

I configured it as a stand-alone exe. Recompiled. On three out of 11 Windows 7 machines available to me at the university where I teach I got the message “DLL runtime module corrupted.” On the other 8 it ran fine. On those three machines I figured it was interference from other installed programs.

Then configured it with runtime module outside the EXE file and it worked on all 11 machines.

BY the way, when I compile, I still sometimes get the error message “Could not rename temporary file to EXE file,” even when I disable McAfee and SugarSync (a file backup program). Rebooting my computer usually makes it work.

In short, HTML is getting a little quirky, but with the runtime module outside the EXE, I can deliver a portable version at conferences. By the way, I’ll send you my program someday. It breaks new ground. It’s a long formal poem in which each iambic pentameter line follows a certain vowel progression (from front to back vowels). In the EXE the user can even toggle on and off a color parse.

A suggestion: what HTML Executable really needs is a download page where trial versions of ebooks made with it can be downloaded. This page would function as a trustworthy source to allay users’ fears of executable ebooks (you could guarantee the safety of the programs) and, incidentally, would serve as valuable free advertising.

All the best,

John Milbury-Steen (see

Great that this solution works for you in all cases.
Sure, we will have some showcase page in the future. Especially with the release of HTMLEXE5 it will be a good addition.