Error Message box "Excel has fialed..."


After execute my excel file I’m tring to open the EXE file and I get the follow message:


I have to say that this is the first try to use the XLS 2019 version and on the previous XLS Padlock version it works fine.

(I dont know if it is importent but In my project I have use VBA compiler protection)

Thank you

Hello again,

I have a new error in another project.

the error is a message when I open the EXE - “Could not open source file a:\Office\EVK93 PivotTable”

The message is not it English I translated it for you.

Like my previous message this is the first time I get this error, and I didnt change nothing in the original workbook, the only thing change is the XLS Padlock version

Thank you

Try this option if it helps: