Error message caused by dongle


I have an issue while starting the app.

The app is protected by a dongle (Enky LC).

When I start the (final built) app - the dongle is found and the app is starting - everything is fine.
When our customer do the same - he gets an error message:
“The inserted dongle is not valid for this application (invalid product id). Cannot continue.”

I tested his dongle with the app several times - always ok.
Also on other computer with different user rights.

We both have Win 10 21H2 64bit.
He has a POLISH windows, I have a german one.
I installed the polish language pack and tested it again - always ok …

What causes the error ?

Every idea/hint/help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Which version of HTML Executable are you using?
Make also sure that the EXE file of the customer is the same as yours (checksum for instance).

I used HTML Executable
We have a commercial license.

The output *.exe file from me and the customer are equal. The customer can download the file via a private link from our server. This procedure works since years.

Windows uses a regular HID driver to “install” the dongle. Is it possbile, that in some cases, this doesnt work correctly. And so HTML Executable cant access this device to read out the permission for the app ?

What are the possibilities to get this error message?

I just try to understand if this error is caused by HTML Executable or by Windows when installing/using the dongle.

Thanks for your reply.

Robert J.

For security purposes, please send us a private email with your different dongle settings for review. Do not share them here.

Hello gdgsupport,

I wrote the private mail 2 weeks ago, on June 21st. Are there any news for me ?
Did you get the mail ?
What is your preferred mail address to get private information ? - maybe there’s a difference …

Robert J.