Error Opening New build

I recently upgraded to Office 365 & XLS Padlock 2021.1.

I built 2 files earlier that I was able to open, but after closing the compiled files I was unable to open Excel at all. I couldn’t open any files with Excel.

I did a Quick Repair and was able to open files again, but again, after opening and closing my compiled file I could not open another Excel file without rebooting my machine.

I reinstalled Office 365 and now I cannot open my compiled files. I get this when it starts to open:

Can someone please help me. I am so frustrated with this.

Is anyone else having trouble after upgrading to Office 365?

Is there anyone out there using XLS Padlock with Office 365? I can’t be the only person having trouble after upgrading.


When you do a ‘repair’ it also sets it as your default Excel. Instead, do a repair of your installed Office version to fix the default.

If you or the client is using 365 web apps, then have them go to their ‘Office’ icon and log into their Office account,
Then press the ‘Install Office’ button to download and locally install Office into their computer.
(If they don’t see the ‘install office’ button on their login then they need to upgrade to a Desktop version of 365)

Thank you for the reply.

I am not really understanding what I need to do. I have the locally installed apps on my computer.

I initially did a Quick Repair, which did not require internet access, so I thought that meant it was repairing the local install.

When the problem happened again I did a full repair that did require internet access. It took forever and then it uninstalled the local files. I had to reinstall the downloaded .exe of Office.

I still have to reboot my machine in order to open any Excel files after opening and closing my compiled spreadsheet. I don’t think I should have to do that. It will still open my compiled spreadsheet, just not anything else in Excel.

For others, the problem seems to be due to this option:

This did not fix the problem permanently. I uninstalled XLS Padlock 2021.1 and reinstalled 2021.0 along with this change and was able to not have to reboot every time I open and close my compiled spreadsheet, but I still occasionally get the weird no-message error box when I try to open my compiled spreadsheet.

IMO there is some kind of conflict between XLS Padlock and Office 365.

Really strange because this seems to be a local problem. Nobody else has reported the problem (yet).

Were you able to open the file that I sent the link to without the error? If so, then I would think that it is a local issue. If not, then not a local error.

I was not notified that the file was ever downloaded.