Error when no Internet Connection


A customer reportet an issue with a publication that I created in HTMLexe. When he turns of the internet connection, which is the standard way of working for him, the publication malfunctions and provides the attached error message.

I could not believe it and tried it with a publication on my own PC and experienced the same issue. Can that be fixed somehow?


What is the Windows version? And Internet Explorer version?
This is unexpected because it works offline correctly.

I use Win 7 and IE 11.0.96…

My customer hasn’t replied yet but I will pass on his specification asap.

Is your jquery compiled inside the EXE file or do you have a reference to it to a third-party online provider?

I am not quite sure. Can you please tell me where in HTMLexe I could find that setting so I can check it? I would assume it’s all compiled inside the .exe-file, as the program usually runs offline without any problems.

It’s not a setting of HTMLEXE. Open the HTML page that causes the error you mentioned in an HTML editor and look for script resources. Is the jquery script resource local or is it pointing to a remote server (in other words, does the URL begin with http://…)?

Alternatively, please also try the following option:

Hi, thanks for your answer. I managed to find the following data:

script src=“”>
script type=“text/javascript” src="…/jquery_utils.js">

I removed the first “<” of each line, as it would not show otherwise.Is that what you were referring to? And how should I act accordingly to that?

Definitively not a bug of our program.

The problem lies here:

Your jquery.min.js is hosted on a remote server, so without an Internet connection, it can’t be downloaded and thus all of your jquery calls will fail.
Just compile jquery.min.js in the same folder as jquery_utils.js and replace with:

script src="../jquery.min.js">

Thanks for your detailed answer! Unfortunately, I am not sure how to do the steps you suggested. Could you please tell me exactly how I would do this? Is it done in HTML.exe? Thanks in advance!

No, you need to edit your HTML pages and replace the faulty line with the one provided.

Okay, thanks a lot for the help!