Error while executing generated exe file

We’ve generated an exe file using HTML Executable on a machine having Windows 7 (32-bit) with 4 GB RAM

When we try to run the file, it gives us an error (refer to attached image)

Please note:

When I open the exe the first time right out of the zip file, it works. Then when I close and try to open the second time right from the same folder, it will crash and give the message below.

Now, if I copy the exe file from zip to desktop and open, it works the first time, but when I close and try to open again. I will get the message “networking has stopped working”.

I’ve uploaded the zip archive of the generated exe for your reference.

Click here to download

Downloaded and tested here. Seems to work fine.

Make sure you are not using a third-party software that could interfere like an antivirus program or a firewall if any.