Error while opening demo workbook

Hi, Im having trouble while opening demo workbook. Xcel is showing this mistake: Unexpected error while loading protected workbook: Password is not valid. - and so on about Caps Lock … I have win 8 and Office 2010 Profi. I try open same file on another computer and have same error. Do I something wrong? Thanx Honza

Which exact version of Office 2010 are you using? Did you install all updates?
And what is your locale (language)?

I have exactly the same error

Unexpected error while loading protected workbook:OLE error 800A03EC
please restart the protection program

I have
Microsoft Office Excel 2007 (12.0.4518.1014)
spanish version
Maybe only work on Englis version ?

Please try to update your Excel 2007 version. You don’t have the SP1 which normally sorts this problem.