Errors: missing "last save" and "not compatible" message when opening XLSC file

Hi there,

My EXE was created with XLS Padlock 2018.2

My user has Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus 16.0.10730.20264 and Windows 10 Enterprise

When he opens the EXE, he doesn’t have the “last save” option, just “original” and “choose save”.

When he saves a xlsc file, when he tries to open via “choose save”, he gets the error message “selected save file is not compatible with this application. Restore operation cannot continue. Please choose another file.”.

Are these two errors related to the recent Office 365 releases? If so, was this fixed in the new XLS Padlock version? And any way around this with version 2018.2? Can the user revert back to an earlier version of Office 365? If so, which version would that be?


The error means that the XLSC file selected by your user was not created with the EXE file. If the error persists, ask your customer to provide you with the XLSC file and try to decrypt the save file yourself with the Decrypt Save feature of XLS Padlock (search in our user guide).