Exchange File Is Empty Error +an issue with typing in text fields


Thanks for the share. Indeed, our last build is currently based on CEF 3.3626.1891.g52be333.


Man, wish we could get an update so could use EXEOut. Got projects on hold simply because of this issue.


We’re still working on the high DPI problems but that should finally end soon.


Sad this is the case:(


Could you explain exactly what “Exchange File is Empty” actually means - I’m still getting the error occasionally, it seems to crop up more often upon first running a compiled exe.

I’m thinking it could possibly be something to do with the technique I use to display images - once all images used on a page are cached by the browser the error doesn’t seem to occur as often.

I use the technique I describe on this thread to display images stored on the users PC - the more new images on the page, the more likely the error is to occur - but after all images on a page have been displayed for the first time (cached in the browser), the error doesn’t occur on repeated refreshes of the respecitive page.

Any clues?

  • probably worth pointing out, once the error notification has been closed, the app continues to function fine. Would it be possible for you to prevent the error appearing to users and give us the ability to just send it to a log file instead ??


Try ExeOutput 2019.1. Some problems were fixed.


Excellent, looks like a great update, I’ll run some tests asap and let you know how it goes!