Excluded Files / Folders

Hi, I just have a little feature request that would be really helpful if you could consider it for a future update.

I build from my development folder, so there’s a number of files and folders that I wish to exclude from the app during development & testing, such as design files, or config files created by my IDE. However I find it really hard to keep track of what I’ve excluded as there’s no visual indicator in File Manager.

Would it be possible to add some way of showing which files and folders have been excluded, without having to inspect the properties of each one? Even just displaying them in red text on both file list and folder tree would be perfect - something simple like that would just make my life much easier.

Cheers :slight_smile: Kait

You can already exclude folders here:

And for files, with Properties, it’s possible too. But you’re right, we’ll check whether some icon could be used for excluded files.

Thanks, that’s great.

I’m happy excluding files and folders and use it often, but if I come back to a project after a few weeks or have made changes to the files in the directory, a quick way to remind me / identify between excluded and included files would be awesome :slight_smile: