EXE workbook as an Add-in


Is it possible to use the EXE workbook as an Add-In or as a some kind of Add-In ?

Or, is it possible to use in a regular excel file, a costom functions (UDF’s) that lives in the EXE workbook (in another words, lets say that I want to give my end users the abiliy to use UDF’s in a simple excel file) ?

thank you.

No, that’s not possible because another normal instance of Excel can’t load secure files (in this case, the add-in file) only available in the secure Excel instance run by the EXE file.

Ok, if some day you will create a solution for add-in file’s I will be your first customer to buy it, whether if it will be on the xls-padlock (“xls-Padlock-Plus”) or a new software.