ExeOutput 2 Beta 2 is ready for Beta testers - 01/29/16

The second Beta is ready for all Beta testers!

What’s new in Beta 2:

  • Chromium engine upgraded to Chromium version 45.0.2454.101 (CEF3 branch 2454, Bitbucket)
  • NEW CONSOLE APPLICATIONS! You can now create CLI PHP apps by turning PHP scripts into stand-alone EXE files without any PHP dependencies.
  • Code signing now supports SHA 256 and dual SHA1-SHA2 digital signatures.
  • New Chromium rendering options (disable accelerated 2d canvas, disable Flash and so on).
  • Print to PDF feature in addition to standard Print in your applications.
  • PHP 7 is now included!
  • Chromium Demo sample is ready with more samples about using HEScript with JavaScript, UI interaction (how to enable/disable/change caption of buttons for instance).
  • Notifications in Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10.
  • Several improvements

CLI app:

GUI app:

ExeOutput for PHP 2:

How to get the Beta for registered users

The second Beta is available to registered users only and all feedback related to it must be posted in a special forum category that will be visible to Beta testers only.
If you are a registered user of ExeOutput, and if you want to participate to the Beta, please do this:

After validation, we’ll grant you access to the “ExeOutput 2 Beta” category with download links to the Beta releases.
Requests without a valid purchase ID will be ignored.

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PHP 7 is now included!

Is that as well as or instead of PHP 5.x?

If it’s instead of, it pretty much kills the project for me, as PHP7 support is a long way off for our code-base.

This is as well as. You can choose which PHP version you want: 5.4, 5.6 or 7. 5.5 (and soon old 5.3) will be made available through the Web Update utility.

Wow - that’s absolutely brilliant! Thank you.

Can’t wait for the final release!

how to activate beta 2 version?

http://www.exeoutput.com/register.php (available 1.7 license???)

We’ll publish more details when it’s ready

I notice the beta version does not include security profile and TOC, will this features be included? and when are you likely to release the final product. Thanks

Security profiles are no more a feature of version 2, because you can do it yourself in PHP or with a CMS for instance. Moreover in a multithreading environment, this can cause problems.

TOC has never been in ExeOutput and won’t.

Thank you for this update, we switch to exeoutput for PHP fron htmlexe because the IE publication is very problematic and the in-built browser in html executable has limitation. Our content is actually html but the chromium browser engine has worked perfectly even on some impossible system.

Is there any chance of an update coming to html executable to have an inbuilt chromium browser engine? We are notso technical and we don’t know how to do Security Profile with PHP.

Please kindly give us head-up on this. Thanks

Yes, HTML Executable 5 will have the same Chromium engine as in ExeOutput. However, security profiles will probably work differently in the new major release.

Oh this is great news, any idea of when to expect this major release of HTML Executable 5? We have product release depending on this. Please kindly reply. Thanks

We’ll first release (in order) HTMLEXE 4.8, ExeOutput 2 and then HTMLEXE 5. All of these this year.

What are the minor changes to expect in 4.8? Is there an improved in-built browser? Thanks

Yes, but there are minor changes for the built-in browser. The other engine remains MSIE.
Only HTMLEXE 5 will feature new Chromium engine in place of built-in browser.

When do we expect the release of HTML 4.8 and 5.0. and ExeOutput 2. Please this will enable us plan our product release date. Thank you

We’re working on the documentation of HE 4.8 and it will be released. Same as for Exo 2.

When will finish this new version?

When we are ready. See other similar topics, yes, we are late but still busy