ExeOutput 2 Beta

You can grab it from this link: http://www.tutorialscollection.com/jquery-alert-how-to-use-alert-box-in-jquery-with-code-and-running-example/. Will this work?

Yes, but which example on the 4?

Please try example 1

Saw something else. When using a simple input type=“file” name=“file1”, with debugging turned on or off, and when trying to open a file in the same directory as the executing EXE file, I see multiple files associated the the EXE and also the source files (in my case, in a folder called src).

It’s the normal behavior. If you don’t want that, go to “Main Settings” in PHP ribbon, and enable “Use an absolute path for the virtual Data folder” and choose X:\Data for instance.

To avoid copy of source files if X:\Data doesn’t work for you, you can enable “PHP encoding” in Security => PHP Protection, or use a third-party PHP encryption system.

Thanks for replying. Tried the above possible solutions but can still see the PHP source. Is this just an part of the input file normal behavior that cannot be avoided? Obviously, one purpose of ExeOutput is to protect the PHP source.

Any news on the query alert issue?

If you still see plain source code, then your PHP files haven’t been encoded. You must indicate which ones should be encoded thanks to the File Manager / File Properties.

It’s also not possible to browse files on virtual drives if you enable X:\Data normally.

For the PHP source file, I did File Manager, clicked on the PHP source file, clicked Properties -> Security, then checked “Encode php file with internal protection”. In my EXE, when I choose a file in the same dir as the EXE, I can select the child src dir with the php source code (index.php). If I right click on index.php, and open with Notepad, I can see the source (not encrypted). Am I doing something wrong?

When you go to the folder with your “EXE” file, do you see the “Data” subfolder?
Did you move your EXE file from somewhere else than the source folder?

First question, no. Second question, yes, and can’t see the source file. Ah, I get it. If EXE is located on another computer (or outside the dir structure of where the source resides on my computer), and enable X:\Data, the person will not see the source files (there is a locales dir with content, but no source files). Sound right?

I think I’m good. Except the jquery alert code with the windows X close failing.


Hope this is the right place to ask questions about Beta 2… If not would you please advise correct procedure? Be happy to provide input about Beta 2 if being read:)

Question I have:

Using Chromium, understand that and happy with it. How can we load plugins like pepperflash into created software?

I use NWS (webkit) all the time. Can activate plugin feature in json file and add plugins folder to accomplish.


Could you point me to the general demo project file for the beta 2 version? All I can seem to find installed on my Win 10 machine are the ones for V 1.7.

EDIT: my bad, right in front of my eyes… was looking for “general demo”…

Any approximate target date for production release of ExeOutput 2? I’m ready to purchase when available. Thanks

Regarding the X close with jquery alert, I tested example 1 using 1.7. the X close worked with both Chromium and Trident. It fails using beta 2.

We’re working on the documentation and new website. So it should be available at the end of April if everything goes fine.

It’s working in V1.7 because it’s not a multithreaded application. Could you send me your sample with code and not just the link to the code? We have to see how you implemented the code.

I’m unable to reply to the email that is associated with this post, even though it says Visit Topic or reply to this email to respond.

How best to send the source and associated files?

You can use https://1fichier.com/?lg=en to upload a Zip for instance.

Download from https://1fichier.com/?uz9tt2xq7e

Please confirm you are able to retrieve. Thank you.

Yes, received. We’ll study it in a near future. Thank you.