ExeOutput for PHP 2018.3 Available - October 2nd, 2018

:loudspeaker: ExeOutput for PHP 2018.3 available

Our PHP compiler is now blazzing fast for creating PHP applications thanks to its new compression and caching system. Moreover, ExeOutput for PHP 2018 includes new timer components (cron jobs), Chromium 69, and much more. Upgrade is recommended if your maintenance is active.

What’s new in this update:

  • Fixed: two Content-Type headers issued by PHP.
  • Virtual files (including PHP files) are now hidden by default in open and save dialog boxes.
  • New security option: Do not hide virtual files in open/save dialog boxes.
  • Removed default content-encoding set to UTF-8 in PHP.INI templates.
  • Fixed: the cron error message that could occur sometimes is no more displayed. Instead, the error will be logged if you enable debug log.
  • PHP runtimes updated to PHP 7.2.10, 5.6.38 and 7.1.22.
  • Minor improvements.


ExeOutput for PHP creates native Windows applications and software programs from websites coded in PHP and HTML. The resulting application is a stand-alone browser app that runs PHP scripts natively without requiring any PHP distribution nor web server.

Build Windows apps, custom web browsers, database front-ends, ebooks, games, interactive catalogs, and much more by combining the power of PHP, HTML5 and JavaScript into desktop applications for Windows.

Upgrade to ExeOutput 2018 requires an active maintenance. You can check your maintenance here.

Customers who own ExeOutput for PHP 1.x can review upgrade conditions.

A fully-functional Trial is available for download on our website at: