Exit code when digital signature fails

I have integrated Paquet Builder with a powershell script to package and digitally sign the self extracting exe. The issue is one out of like 20 attempts will fail with either time stamping or the signing itself but then the exit code is still zero. So there is no way for me to determine that there was a failure unless I manually check the exe.

Could you handle a retry to sign if the first attempt fails. I had to do something similar in another script as the time stamping server would at times give error.

Also if after say like 3 attempts it does not work can you return a non zero exit code so that automation scripts can handle the situation better.

Thanks much

It’s an interesting suggestion, we’ll check whether a 2nd code signing attempt can be made if the first fails. Thank you!

Please also please consider returning a non zero exit code on code signing failure when running in command line.

thanks much

Sure, it should be possible. We added it to the TODO list.