ExportAFile usage example

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Please provide with a HEScript code example on how to use ExportAFile command and how to get path of file to be exported using this command.

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Kandarp Mistry.

For example, suppose you have a compiled file whose virtual path is “Demo1.pdf”.

Add the following HEScript code to the “UserMain” script:

function ExportMyFile(Path: String): String;
Result := ExportAFile(Path, "Save File As", "*.*");

Then you can call this HEScript function from PHP thanks to:


echo "Asking for filename...<br>";  

// Executes HEScript to export the file Demo1.pdf from compiled resources
$filename = exo_return_hescriptcom("UserMain.ExportMyFile|Demo1.pdf", "Error");  

// The $filename variable contains the full path to the file selected by the user. It can be passed to fopen for instance.  

echo "File path: $filename";  


hi there
I wonder how I can make custom file type instead of point.

What do you mean?