External .Xlsm files

I have 3 files files of type .xlsm to create a file named budget. I link these files when I create the EXE file. How do I bring up the 2 other files with VBA code in My main EXE file. Right now I use Vba code to open the other two files but they are still in unprotected .xlsm format. If I can’t protect the other files, then XLS Padlock is useless for me.

If you want to protect the two other XLSM files, you need to add them to the EXE file as Companion files.
Search in the guide for Companion files. You’ll also need to modify your VBA code to access companion files at runtime. For instance see this code:

Public Sub test()
    Set XLSPadlock = Application.COMAddIns("GXLSForm.GXLSFormula").Object
    pathtofile = XLSPadlock.PLEvalVar("XLSPath")
    Workbooks.Open pathtofile & "b.xlsb"

    MsgBox Range("a1")
End Sub

What are .XLSB files. if there your .xlsm files then after I add these files to my companion .exe file, I still need to access these companion file. so when I remove the the .xlsm file I get an error saying it can’t file the file.
Why is there no information in the help file on functions, are we supposed to keep asking you for functions. And why is there no way to select disable and or restore the popup asking for saved file

XLSB are just Excel workbooks in binary, but it doesn’t play anything here. It’s just a sample. Replace b.xlsb by the name of the companion workbook you want to open.
What do you mean by there is no info in the help file on functions?

If I add the .xlsm companion files to my compiled EXE file, then how do I bring them up so I can edit the .xlsm files or to access them. If I have to open the .xlsm files to make changes then the files are not protected from anyone seeing my code or formulas. Because I have to include the .xlsm files. If I have to protect each cell and VBA code then it defeats the need for your compiler for protection.
I have 3 files because there are to many spread sheet to fit on the bottom of the main budget spreadsheet. So I decided to create 2 other .xlsm files, one is called Credit_Cards and the second one is called BudgetRegister. These spreadsheet call cells to put the data in the main budget program, or check data in the other .xlsm files. Without bringing up the other .Xlsm files to edit them I fined no use in using your compiler. I triad compiling the .xlsm files but the compiler only compiles VBA code.

if I

When your files are marked as companion files, they will be compiled into the EXE. No need to ship them so end users can’t copy them. But of course, before compiling, you can still access them in Excel yourself to update them if needed.