File upload - empty $_FILES var


I’m not able to solve problem with file upload. I’ve got simple form with file input and trying to upload file onto server. But if I try to get file params after form submiting in php there is only filename in $_FILES var and error with code 3 (UPLOAD_ERR_PARTIAL - according So I am not able to move uploaded file anywhere or get the file content. In php.ini I set all memory limits, filesize limits, post limits, … to greater value than real filesize but it is still not working.

Please could you show me the solution how to do this :slight_smile:

Thank you.

I forgot to mention I use chrome webkit.

Do you mean uploading files to a remote web server from a compiled application? Or let the user select a file so that your compiled local application can deal with it?

Second case. Let user to select a file so my compiled app can deal with. For example: User should be able to select file from disk and compiled app should be able to save it somewhere into “Data” folder and than deal with this file in some ways.

This case is explained in the documentation: file upload should not be used for that case. Better use the real Load file dialog box as you can see here: