File upload not working in outputExe

i am using outputexe trial version.
file upload is not working?
when i use " input type File " then it is not showing file name in php.
some time is is giving error "undefined variable " .
example : input type=‘file’ name='Myfile’
In php code block , when i call $_FILES[ ‘Myfile’ ]. then it gives an error undefined variable " Myfile "
or some time nothing blank page.
and how can i update chromium browser.
please response vie email.
[email protected]

Upload is not supported, since the file you want to upload to the PHP script is already on the computer the script is running on. You’re making a desktop application with ExeOutput so you can access local files directly without upload requirement.

If you want to let the user select a file with the “Open” standard dialog box, see our help topic:

Selecting files with PHP scripts in local applications - Upload replacement

Your application made with ExeOutput for PHP may need to work with local files. Since you can access local files directly with PHP, upload functions are not necessary. In fact, your application is not designed to work on a web server:
users do not have to upload their local files to a remote server if you
want to process them with the PHP code of your application.