File version not incrementing in 2024

Just did a test to see how the web update option worked. Never could get the software to acknowledge there was new version available online.

After couple of attempts I noticed that the Icon / Version area was accepting my new version number but the .inf, nor the .exe is updating with new version number.



Properties of compiled exe:

Just noticed that if I disable and enable > Add the “Web Update” feature to the publication < the version increments in .INF but not the actual EXE in cab folder.

The .INF file is not generated each time you build the EXE file. To generate web update files to be uploaded to the server, you must click this button each time you want to deploy a new version:

There is a video tutorial for web updates too:
Bring Web Update To Your Ebooks With HTML Executable - HTML Executable

Yes, I understand that. Must be something wrong with my environment if you see no issue on your end.