File will not activate or install once to the end user

I am having several problems and if anyone can offer advice to resolve them I would be grateful. 1. When sending someone the file by email or even cloud, the file gets rejected and kicked back. 2. I was able to get the file through with Microsoft Cloud One Drive, but Windows has tagged the file as malware and will not allow the end user to install it.

  1. Email and Cloud Rejection: Some email services and cloud providers have restrictions on file sizes or types such as EXE files. Please ensure the file size doesn’t exceed the limit set by the platform. If the size isn’t the problem, it’s possible that the file type (EXE) or its contents are being flagged. You might want to compress the file (e.g., using ZIP) before sending it. This can sometimes bypass the platform’s restrictions.
  2. Windows Malware Flag: When a file is tagged as malware by Windows, it’s typically due to Windows Defender or another antivirus software seeing it as a potential threat. To resolve this:
  • Instruct the end user to download the file and save it to a known location on their computer.
  • Have the user temporarily disable Windows Defender or their antivirus software.
  • Once disabled, they should try to install the file again.
  • After installation, they should immediately enable Windows Defender or their antivirus to ensure their system remains protected.
    Finally, code signing the EXE file really helps in that case. XLS Padlock can digitally sign your EXE files without any problem if you provide the correct certificate from a Certificate Authority.