Find terms in the PDF file erratic

Hi, working with the latest trial download from your site I noticed that when using the command Find in the output PDF, that sometimes the found terms are highlighted as the pages are presented, but most times these matches are not highlighted.

Secondly, It does not make a difference to the Find command if you click on Up or Down specifying the direction you wish to search the PDF document. It always searches Down.

Thirdly, when the Find command has gone through the whole PDF document and you find yourself on the last page, the Find command will not work on the Up direction. It does not do anything at all.

I wonder what is going wrong with these? Many thanks, Victor

Is it possible to provide us with the faulty PDF file and indicate which terms are not correctly highlighting?

If yes, you can zip it and upload it to or

Done, I have uploaded the file PDF for your testing.



We have got your file and submitted it to the main engineer. Thank you!

Hi, just wondering how is it going with the PDF search feature problem.

Many thanks


Still under study. Do you have a list of terms that don’t trigger correct search results?


there was not any special term. Any term I searched for in the PDF
behaved the same way:

No highlighting
No backward search

Is my PDF an exception ? I mean, is this problem just very rare?. I will test only part of the PDF with your app before the merged version I was testing to see if the problem keeps coming. The ori file is in QuarkExpress 8 and I used the CutePDF Writer to generate the PDF. Could the problem be there?



It’s possible that the CutePDF Writer did not include full-text search metadata in the PDF document. I have no knowledge of this software, so I can’t tell you more.