Firefox User Profile demanded over and over

I’ve just installed the latest ExeOutput for PHP and the separate mysqlservertogo

Something is missing for me in trying to get this going.
I have used the folder containing all the php & js,css,html files of an application that needs to connect to a mysql database to retrieve all the tables needed to run this application.

The web folder is taken from the htdocs folder on my localhost using a WAMP server setup.

I have specified the .exe folder (login.exe in my case) to be loaded into the \myapps folder of Server2Go as the directions indicate

I then click on the Server2Go.exe as the directions also indicate which is supposed to then go look for my login.exe file in the servertogo\myapp\login.exe path

When the login.exe is called up the window keeps popping up from the Firefox browser to “Choose User Profile”

A default profile is shown selected – My choices are
Create Profile
Rename Profile
Delete Profile
and then
Work Offline
Use the selected profile (the default profile I see selected already) without asking at startup.
This last checkbox is selected and I can either “Start Firefox” or Exit.

Either way I will not get beyond this whether I Create a Profile and Save, Rename the Profile, Delete it, Work offline, or Exit.

Have you tried to change the name of login.exe to something else?