Forward Slashes http:// not able to be passed as param in RunAProgram

Hey guys, I am trying to get a script to run that starts a .bat file located in the directory of the php.exe output file. I can pass most parameters fine, but if one of the parameters is an URL with a forward slash “/” Then everything after the forward slash disappears as a part of the parameter string.

This is an issue when trying to pass an URL. So my link would look like this with the params Url Encoded:


That translates to this:

hescript://MyScript.ScriptProcedure1|myfile.bat|-X switch1 -url -username GUY -password secretword

Which should look like this when the bat file executes:

myfile.bat -X switch1 -url -username GUY -password secretword

But I am only getting this:

myfile.bat -X switch1 -url http:

Then I get an error with the bat file because the rest of the params are missing. I have tried all kinds of encoding of the slashes to get it to work including ^/^/, ////, // to see if it was an escaping problem, but I can’t seem to make it work… Any suggestions would help… Thanks!

You should better move the code of the .BAT file to your HEScript and only pass URL, username and password as parameters hescript://MyScript.ScriptProcedure1|myfile.bat|URL|GUY|secretwork
And for the URL, let’s the script add the http:// itself so that you don’t get encoding problems.