Generic USB Stick Protection w/ updates

Hi Support,

I just purchased XLS Padlock and have been reading through the documentation, and am wondering if a certain setup is possible.

I’m potentially interested in using the “Generic USB Stick Protection” method outlined in section 7.3.2.

However, the nature of my Excel application causes it to require regular updates.

Is there a way to send a user an initial version of the application on a USB, but then have the same USB be used to authorize access to updated applications down the road?

Basically I’d want them to just be able to download updated applications, but have the original USB act as the authorization tool.

Also, would this be possible with the HS-Security Ware dongle as well?


Yes, as long as you don’t remove the authorized USB sticks’ hashsums from the list of your XLS Padlock project, this is possible.

Yes, although some models don’t offer storage options.