Getting Rid of Loading workbook please wait

Is there a way to get rid of this message when you open a newly compiled exe file?. I want to hide the appearance of a file…my workbook open a form but this message inform the user its an excel sheet…a way around this as its annoying? Dont fully understand the function of it perhaps you can explain

Thank you

Sure you can do it:

Awesome saw that thank you …if mine was ticket on office 2007 it hangs…Awesome thanks I am learning now with your software

I have an issue similar to John. But this time I want the “Loading workbook” to appear, but AFTER my splash screen. But it appears over my splash screen. I have a 5 second splash screen and in the last 2-3 seconds the “loading workbook” appears on top of it… It should appear after the splash screen… Not at the same time.