Global Excluding from the Search Engine (SOLVED)

I know how to exclude individual files from the search engine. I have looked at the security profiles in what I am trying to accomplish with no luck. Is it possible to include a file mask on files to exclude? I am trying to exclude the pages displayed in the left frame automatically from the search engine.

Here is my Scenario. Using frames, I have two main frames, left and right, the left one is basically an overview and the right one is more detailed on the instructions.

  1. The title will be identical on both pages being displayed.
  2. The file names will be identical with the exception, of the last character, A or B, before the extension. This way I can verify both files when sorting by file name. A for the left and B for the right.
  3. This could possibly cut the search results in half if the files aren’t selected for exclusion manually or in case I forgot to exclude one or more.

If a file mask was available, I could use *A.htm to automatically exclude the pages, in the search engine, that is displayed in the left frame. The code to rebuild the frameset coming from a search or favorite is in the right frame.

I realize the way the files are being excluded in the File Manager in real time. Possibly, at compile time, if the mask exists, reset the files as excluded per the mask then continue with the compilation. Another possibility is add the search engine exclusion in the security profiles.

I’m open to any suggestions in trying to automate the excluded files.


Well, a suggestion: HTML Executable 4 already lets you select multiple files at once, and change the properties for these files.
You could try to select all of the HTML files you want to exclude, and do it once.

Your suggestion is well taken and works. With the way the exclusion is listed, I assumed you had to select each one individually.