Hardware-lock keys on the trial version of HTMLexecutable

I have just downloaded and installed your trial vertion of HTML executable and have tried to test the hardware-lock keys system. I cannot make it work. Is it because it is not entirely available on your trial version or just because I haven’t understood how it works? I have set all the parameters on my project and the .exe that I get out of it opens and shows all the E.book content as if no protection at all had been set.
Isabelle H.

The trial is fully-functional so this is more a problem with parameters in your project.

To configure hardware-locked keys, use this step-by-step tutorial:

I’ve followed your step-by-step tutorial and it worked fine.
My mistake was that I had not opened the default certificate to see what could be checked. And also that I hadnt uderstood what restricted meant.
This is solved then.
I will now buy the registered version of HTML executable.
Thank you.
Isabelle H.

Thank you!