Help on External files

Hello everyone, I used HE 4.9.2, I followed documentation on External files, but something I don’t understand and I need your help.

  1. When I ticked “Keep the selected files external…”, And typed path to folder eg. %PATH%\test in the root publication folder name eg “ng” then, I clicked on Encrypt External Files, it appeared two columns of source files and destination files, I clicked on Encrypt Files Now, it appeared the folder named test and its sub folder named ng, (like test/ng) but when I ran my ebook, it could not call the external files, when I moved the encrypted files from the sub folder ng to test folder, it’s ok.
  • In case I created path as %PATH%\test\ng it appeared the folder named test\ng\ng and I also had to move the encrypted files to the upper folder.
  1. How the HTML executable create the folder of External files when I don’t encrypt files.
    Pls help me and thank you a lot.

HTMLEXE doesn’t manage external files itself. When you check “External File”, the compiler doesn’t compile the file into the EXE and therefore the EXE expects to find the file in the same folder as the EXE (%PATH%). If you placed your files in a “test” subfolder, then you should create the “test” subfolder manually in the folder of the EXE, and place external files there yourself.
Encrypted external files are by default encrypted in the subfolder where they should normally be if they were compiled inside the EXE. For instance, if you access an encrypted MP4 with the URI “test\movie.mp4”, the mp4.heec file should be in the “test” subfolder of the folder that contains the EXE file.

Thank you for your response, with my above questions I meant that, why not you don’t help us the options that when we check External Files, HTMLEXE shall CREATEs folder(s) like you did for Encrypted external files, because in case we have a lot of external files in different folders or sub folders, it’s so hard for us creating folder manually.
With Encrypted external files, I also have a lot of files in different folders or subfolders need to be encrypted. In case I create path as %PATH%\TEST\A (for some files in A folder), HTML EXE creates folder named TEST\A\A instead of TEST\A.
Pls help me and thank you so much.

If we understand you, you would like HTMLEXE to automatically copy external files to the appropriate folder for you?

  1. Yes, like you did with encrypted external files.

  2. You forgot my question: “In case I create path as %PATH%\TEST\A (for some files in A folder), HTML EXE creates folder named TEST\A\A instead of TEST\A.”

I would like HTML EXE creates folder as I define in the path, not creates more same named subfolder (and put all encrypted files inside that subfolder). Because in order to call the external files correctly, I have to move all the encrypted files to upper folder ( eg, from file in TEST\A\A to TEST\A).

We’ll check that problem: