How can I add a functional "Find" button to the toolbar?

Thank you, in advance, for any help! I purchased this software yesterday, and need help with the following:

The “Search” function is not working as I want it to, but the “Find” function does work." I would like to put a button for “Find” on the toolbar (it’s currently only under “navigate” on the menu bar.) I’ve gone into the the Toolbar Edit feature, but cannot figure out how to do this. Any ideas?

Also how can I get the “Find” feature to actually highlight the matches on each page?

Thank You!


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  • Open your UserMain script (in the script editor) and paste this code:

    procedure OpenFindDialog;

Then, in the toolbar editor, choose your button, click “Execute this script function” and choose UserMain.OpenFindDialog

The Find function can’t highlight all results. Only Search is able to do that.