How do I calculate the number of days between 2 dates?

How can I calculate the number of days between two dates? The function DaysBetween does not seem to be i9n the library. Thanks

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See for samples

Thanks but I get function not found when I save the script and the library ‘dateutils’ is not found.

At the top of the script, add this:

uses DateUtils;

// UserMain
// This script contains special functions related to some of the events triggered by the publication.
// You can then optionally add new commands.

uses Classes;
uses SysUtils;
uses DateUtils;


Error in script:
INTERNAL ERRORLibrary ‘DateUtils’ not found

Looks like the library is not available by default. We’ll add it to next update.

Try to subtract the two dates: nbdays = DT1 - DT2 for instance

Thanks support