How do I enable cut & paste and get rid of the purple boxes?

I sent off my project for client review, but the client found many problems:

  1. Cut & paste is not working in pdf documents
    I’m making a teaching tool for classroom use. I want the students to be able to cut & paste text –
    I don’t have any security profiles turned on, yet I can’t cut & paste text.
    I’m looking at SECURITY > SECURITY PROFILES > Page Restrictions tab – nothing is checked
    I applied the “no restrictions apply: all rights enabled” profile to all my documents, but I still can’t cut/paste from pdfs.
    (cut /paste is working in HTML documents)

  2. See the attached image – Purple rectangles are showing throughout the text in my pdf files. The client cut & pasted text from Wikipedia into Word – then converted to pdf. Somehow, the articles brought with them their hot links. But even when the links are removed, a light purple box remains where a link used to be. These shapes do not appear in Acrobat or Foxit pdf reader, only in your interface. What is the solution?

Try this option:

Thank you – it worked. I thought I had unchecked that box.

How can I enable cut & paste in pdf docs? The cursor is an arrow in pdf documents – not a text tool – so I can’t highlight/select text.

Have you pressed the selection tool in the PDF viewer’s toolbar?

Wow – I had no way to know what that icon does.
Of course, now it works.

  1. Can I give the cursor right-click options like “copy” “paste” ?

  2. Can I replace that icon with a different icon – maybe a button that says
    "Click to change to Selection cursor" ?

  3. If I replace that icon with a longer button, will the rest of the icons shift over?

  4. Is that icon row editable HTML?


The toolbar is currently not editable but we are working on that too.

Can I force the cursor in the PDF viewer to default to the text selection cursor?
Can you give me a script to make work?

There is an inconsistency in the cursor behavior:
On an HTML document, the arrow cursor will highlight the text if the user clicks and drags.
But in a PDF document, the arrow cursor scrolls the document if the user clicks and drags.

I would like the PDF arrow cursor to behave like the HTML arrow cursor.