How to access application form upon activation?

where do we get the results of every filled up registration upon activation?

Activation token:

i hope i can gather them. thank you!

Do you use the activation kit or the WooCommerce Integration Kit?

I am using the activation kit. Because i can’t make woocommerce kit to work.

Then, yes, you can use PHP code to retrieve data sent to the PHP script (it’s like a form post) and store this customer data to a database for instance.

how can i store it on a data base? can you give me an idea please.

Are you familiar with PHP?

No I’m not. I just follow instruction from your guide. I tried to search but to no luck i can’t understand. I hope a bit of your help i can set up a storage for it.

You can learn PHP for instance here:

But what about when using WooCommerce Kit? Is it possible?

Same as before: you’ll have to use PHP code to capture the form data sent by the EXE file to your webserver. It is possible to do it, but you’ll have to hire a PHP developer.