How to add new icon for my shortcut? [SOLVED]

Hi, I need some help to change my shortcuts’ icons.
I have 2 files that I tried to change the icons for.
One is an excel file, the other is an exe.

This is what I did in Paquet Builder 3:

  1. I clicked ‘Functionability’
  2. ‘create shortcuts’
  3. I right clicked on my shortcut and clicked ‘edit the selected shortcut’
  4. I selected the desired ‘icon resource file’ which is an ico file and I know that it works because it is the same icon that I use for the ‘Package icon’

When I build my package and later install it on a computer, my package correctly displays the icon.
My 2 shortcuts are created, but their icon does not appear. It’s just a white rectangle with the shortcut arrow. As I said, the 2 shortcuts should show the same icon as the ‘Package icon’ that is correctly appearing.

I appreciate any help.

I’ll check the problem, thanks for the report!

Thank you very much…I will be waiting for your reply.

Fixed in new PB update: 3.0.2