How to disable right click menu available on Worksheet Name. XPLP file showing password in text format

Hi i am a novice programmer and trying to develop important software but while trying to test check my one sheet programme, i came across a very important problem. I have sheet1 and it has 1000 rows with important formulaes, name ranges etc. I have kept the same as Hidden & Locked and Worksheet is also protected. While compiling & distribution EXE, i have tick marked almost all options lime disable ribbon, disable right click, disable clipboard copy etc. etc. But after generating EXE file, if i open Secured file and right click on Sheet1 Tab, i get the whole list of various options available including Move-Copy and if i select Move, the whole sheet is moved to new Workbook and deleted from Secured file. Also if i opt for Copy, the whole sheet1 is copied to new Workbook, including Protection (i mean if i click on sheet1 of the new workbook, it shows Unprotect Sheet). Now as we know that this file is unsecured so anybody can get the password easily for this worksheet. If they get it, they can use it for our Secured file also and the very purpose of our securing the file is defeated. So how to disable this eventualities.

Another thing observed that one of the option in Security is asking for password for Workbook. If we provide the same, the same is ditto (in plain text) available in the XPLP file. This file is very simple to open as we have to remove XPLP extention added to xls/xlsx file created while saving Secured file.

I am very much confused how secured our Software will be. The whole exercise of securing our excell file is futile exercise, if i am not mistaken. Pl. explain how i am sure that my file will not be tampered with such simple things.

Early reply in the matter is highly appreciated as i want to launch my software in very next few days.

You should NOT distribute the .XLSP file! It’s the file where XLS Padlock stores your project settings, including passwords and master keys.
Only ship the EXE file to your customers.

Regarding protection, make sure you protect your most important formulas with Formula Protection, so that even if someone moves a sheet to another workbook and manages to save it, formulas won’t work because the workbook requires the EXE to run properly.

It’s a bit strange that you were able to unprotect a sheet just by moving it to another blank workbook.

XLS Padlock provides you with new security features for your workbooks, but we strongly recommend to also use standard Excel worksheet protection features. Since they already exist in Excel, we didn’t add them to our software.